This free service provides our Partners with a detailed project-specific Speaker BOM.

Home theaters, particularly Atmos, are quite technical. Quality, output levels and costs vary wildly. To keep the process efficient, we need a clear understanding of the project’s scope and goals plus construction or design details that may limit certain speaker options or placement. The more info we have the better job Triad’s Home Theater design experts can do for you. Submit answers to the following questions with as much detail as possible.

Contact Information

Project Information

Theatre Dimensions

(Describe seating, specify seating locations with distances and sizes of risers.)

Display Size & Aspect Ratio

(Specify number of main speakers, number of subwoofers, number of Atmos height speakers, etc.)
(select all that apply)
(Describe audio & video electronics brands and models, indicate whether each model is already specified or being considered.)
(Describe any obstacles or other unusual features. Are any other third party designers or architects involved? If so, please specify. If speakers are to be in-cabinet, in-wall or in-ceiling, note physical constraints. For example, all walls and ceiling mounting depth, width or length. Which direction do ceiling joists run?)
(PDF only, 8MB maximum size)