Introducing PARTNERSHIP


Since 2010, shipping costs in every industry have been steadily increasing by about 5% a year. And they’re not going down. It may not directly affect your business right now, but it will.


We’re addressing this common issue by introducing PARTNERSHIP, a shared shipping program that will reduce your shipping costs as well as provide greater on-going benefits. Like big discounts on all your other shipping needs, annual rebates, and prepaid returns.

Three great benefits of PARTNERSHIP


Ship everything with our Shipping Desk.

Tired of paying the posted rate on everything you ship? Tap into our discounts with major shipping carriers to save you money. And it’s not just for business, either. You can use us for personal packages, too, saving up to 50% off the posted rate.

Our Shipping Desk will help you price out the cost of shipping, provide you with waybills and can even schedule pickup. Once scheduled, we’ll bill your account or credit card. All you need to do is box it up – we’ll handle the rest! Click here to visit the Shipping Desk.


We pay the shipping on defective returns.

Paying for defective warranty returns is now a thing of the past. Submit your RMA to us via our easy-to-use online form, including weight and number of boxes. We’ll provide you with a prepaid waybill for return ground shipping.


*Not applicable to Bronze Tier dealers. See Terms and conditions for details.


Annual PARTNERSHIP Rebates

Your total annual spend with Staub Electronics between January 1 and December 31 each year will determine your Tier and Annual Rebate. Rebates will be paid in Q1 of each year.

*Brands excluded from our Annual Shipping Rebate are as follows: Sonos, Lutron Window Coverings, HomeWorks, Nest, Google, URC CCP, Clara Shades, Ring.
All new brands added by Staub Electronics are subject to review prior to being included in the Annual Shipping Rebate program.




Shipping charges are applicable to all orders, as per the Shipping Charge Table and will be charged on the order subtotal, before taxes and fees.

Special and custom order items are subject to additional shipping charges which may exceed our standard charges, and will be quoted at the time of ordering.

The Annual Shipping Rebate will be calculated as follows: Qualifying Purchases – Returns = Net purchases x Rebate % (excluding orders of $5000+ in value).

For orders of $5000+ in value, rebates will be to a maximum as follows, on a per order basis:

Elite Dealer = $175 maximum rebate,
Platinum Dealer = $150 maximum rebate,
Gold Dealer = $125 maximum rebate,
Silver Dealer = $100 maximum rebate.

Upgrade requests from our standard shipping service will be billed the difference between our chargeable rate, and the rate of the upgraded service.

Dealer’s achieving a higher tier of status through increased purchases during a calendar year, will see their rebate % increased to that tiers level. For example, if you enter the year as a Gold status dealer with a 2.5% rebate, and achieve Platinum or Elite status, your rebate percentage for the year would be increased to Platinum level (3%) or Elite level (3.5%).

Orders where shipping is not charged, or Staub Electronics provides a coupon for “Free Shipping”, will be considered non-qualifying purchases and excluded from the above rebate calculations.

Rebates will not be paid to any dealers with overdue account balances.  Overdue balances must be paid in full before any rebate will be paid / issued / released.  If the overdue balance remains unpaid after June 30, the dealer will forfeit their Partnership rebate for the prior year.

Prepaid shipping for returns is only applicable on defective items for warranty, and for dealers with Silver Tier status or higher. Non-defective items being returned for credit can be scheduled for return shipment using our Shipping Desk, and will be billed for the quoted cost or can be returned shipping prepaid.

Shipments scheduled through the Staub Shipping Desk will be subject to rebilling based on reweighing or re-cubing as per the carrier, or if the shipment incurs additional/special handling fees. Rebilling may take up to 60 days from shipment date.

Shipments scheduled by Staub are at the shippers request and Staub is not liable for loss or damage. All loss or damage claims are as per the carriers policies. Customers are responsible for insuring shipments.