Every internal staff member is entitled to up to $500 at cost, per quarter by calendar, to review a product we offer. Carry over of unused allowance to next period is not permitted. We encourage you to review product, gain better understanding of our products and offerings, which will resonate to our clients. Please keep in mind when submitting the review it will be shared with internal/external staff and possibly our customers. Grammar and spelling must be correct. Employees must be full time (40 hours per week), not applicable to employees on leave. New Employees are not eligible to the sample allowance program until after 3 months probation completed. There should be no mention of specific costing of the product in your review, however, you can say its good value.


  1. Have Client Services create an order in SAP under Staub Sample account. Reference your full name in the Customer Ref. No. field
  2. Input the items as Landed Cost value (no tax)
  3. If the order value exceeds $500 at cost, you must pay the difference. If you take a B-Stock item, it will be 25% off landed cost value.
  4. Have senior management sign off on Sales Order
  5. Have Order picked by warehouse and invoiced
  6. Take the product home, install and evaluate product
  7. Within 30 days of invoice date, submit a QUALITY review using the form below.
  8. Once review has been submitted, reviewed by management and approved, the Open Outstanding Invoice will be sent to Accounting to be written off immediately.
  9. Your review will be shared amongst the rest of the staff and customers.

* If you do not submit a review, or your review is deemed incomplete by management, you will be responsible for all outstanding costs.