The following must be true for a Project Registration to be accepted:

  1. The project opportunity is not already registered by a different Partner.
  2. The project opportunity has not been submitted by another Partner.
  3. The project opportunity meets the minimum qty and/or purchase amount set out by participating vendors.
  4. The Partner has made significant pre-sales efforts related to the opportunity, such as meeting with the decision makers, or helping the end user define project requirements to include Staub distributed products. Partners must include a description of such efforts in the “Summary of Partner History with Customer” section found on the Project Registration Portal (Click Here).
  5. The Project Registration submission is to contain specific customer contact information, and represents a qualified opportunity, with a defined project and budget in place. See Project Registration Portal for more information.
  6. The opportunity is not the subject of an RFP, or similar tender process, that has been published to the public. (Unless the Partner registered the Project before the RFP is published).

Acceptance Period

Staub will aim to “Approve” or “Deny” submitted Project Registration requests within 2-5 business days, if all required information is included in the registration request. In some cases, the Staub team will need more time to verify the Opportunity is eligible for registration.

Multiple Opportunities in Same Account

When a Partner successfully closes a Project Registered opportunity within a new account for Staub, the Partner retains the right to Project Registered pricing on any related opportunity identified within that account for a period of 30 days. New opportunities emerging after the 30-day period, but not already in the Staub Project Registration database, will be subject to the standard Project Registration eligibility requirements.


To remain eligible, a registered opportunity must be closed within 30 days from the time of submission.

Dealers may request 30-day extensions, which may be granted by Staub at its sole discretion if the Partner is “actively working the opportunity.” Thereafter the Partner must re-register the opportunity, the approval of which will be granted by “Staub” at its sole discretion.

Discount Amounts

Qualifying Project Registration Opportunities receive “Project Registration Pricing” at Staub’s discretion. Not all “Project Registration Pricing” is equal and is dependant on many factors such as and not limited to; size of opportunity, number of products/vendors being used, bid status type and account standing.

Placing an order for Project Registered items

Submit Project Registration order to your BDM for processing. If possible, please indicate the approved Project Registration # on the PO/Order. We encourage Dealers to send a copy of the Project Registration quote along with the PO to when placing the order.


Project Registration does not guarantee that stock will be available at time of ordering. Work with your BDM to coordinate stock availability and timelines for your project. Deposits and or prepayment may be required to secure inventory.

Participating Vendors / Parameters

Participating Vendors can be found here.


A Project registration may be revoked if any of the following occur.

  1. If the end-user has informed Staub in writing that they refuse to purchase from the Partner after reasonable efforts are made by Staub and Partner to convince the end-user otherwise.
  2. If the Partner is not actively working the Project (for example, by failing to respond to the end-user’s or Staub’s communications in a timely manner).
  3. If the Partner proposes products that are competitive to Staub’s product offerings in the same or an alternate proposal.
  4. If the Partner is not able to fulfill the Project (for example, by failing to have enough credit available).
  5. If the Partner has an outstanding account balance or placed on “Account Hold” by Staub.

Enforcement and Disputes

Dealers that violate the Project registration rules are subject to removal from the Staub Project Registration Program.

Dealers must submit any disputes, whether with Staub, Vendor or another Partner, arising from the Project Registration program to their respective Business Development Manager.

Program Modification and Termination

All Project Registrations are processed at the discretion of Staub. Staub may extend, cancel, or modify a Project Registration at any time at its sole discretion. Staub may amend, modify, or revoke the Project Registration program at any time. The current version of these guidelines may always be found on the “Project Registration Page”.


Q: How do I register a project?

A: Project registration is designed to take no more than 5-10 minutes. It can be done at here.

Q: Is a pricing incentive guaranteed?

A: Project Registration does not guarantee a pricing incentive.

Q: Can another Partner register the same opportunity?

A: No. The Staub Project Registration Program is an opportunity-based program.

Q: Am I guaranteed a lower purchase price than any other Partner?

A: Registered Project opportunities may provide you a cost advantage over other Dealers. However, under certain circumstances this may not be true.