What is Purpose AV?

Purpose AV is a socially responsible brand made up of value priced AV essentials. Every product is designed to meet or exceed recognized industry standards and certifications, and to be extremely integrator friendly and easy to work with. To fulfill its mission of bringing social responsibility to everyday AV essentials, Purpose AV donates a percentage of annual sales to charities that positively impact the lives of children and youth across Canada. Purpose AV products are also backed by a 100% performance guarantee, daily in-stock promise, seamless support and an unbelievable 10-year warranty. For more information visit www.purposeav.ca/.

Why did Staub Electronics introduce Purpose AV?

During the development of Purpose AV, we identified several elements that were missing from our current product mix:

  1. We offered a lot of great solutions, but lacked a strong mix of high-quality, value priced, everyday AV essentials.
  2. We wanted to create the most integrator-friendly offering we could, so we included a 10-year warranty, daily in-stock promise and a 100% performance guarantee.
  3. The market lacked social responsibility, so we made it part of Purpose AV’s DNA and set out to change that with our commitment to supporting causes that impact the lives of children and youth across Canada.

“Social responsibility is one of the foundational pieces of Purpose AV,” says Scott Trotter, President of Staub Electronics. “It’s about giving back to our communities in a way that helps those who are less fortunate, with an emphasis on causes that improve the lives of children and youth so they can grow up healthy, happy, and have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential.”

What is the Purpose AV Pledge?

Purpose AV allows us to make measurable contributions to our community while staying true to our mission of helping AV integrators Succeed. We’ve made the brand one of the industry’s most integrator-friendly with the Purpose AV Pledge:

1) 100% Performance Guarantee: If you’re not completely satisfied with the product, return it within 60 days for a replacement or credit – no questions asked.

2) Daily In-Stock Promise: If we are out-of-stock of the item you need, we will upgrade you to the closest equivalent product at no charge.

3) Seamless Support: At our discretion, we will provide field destroy credits for any defective product or send you advanced replacements for any RMA’s you request.

4) 10-Year Warranty: We stand behind what we sell with a 10-Year warranty on all Purpose AV products.

5) Giving back to Charity: A percentage of all Purpose AV sales is donated to charities across Canada that support youth on a yearly basis.

How has corporate social responsibility evolved at Staub Electronics?

Our commitment to social responsibility began 10 years ago with our involvement with Athletics For Kids, a privately funded charity organization that puts BC children into sports. This has evolved into our pivotal role as the founding sponsor of the annual Athletics For Kids Charity Golf Invitational, the creation of Purpose AV to support national organizations, and our ongoing support of various charitable events and initiatives throughout the country.

What’s new with Purpose AV?

Purpose AV recently launched Purpose AV Surveillance in July 2019. The new lineup features the latest in surveillance technology sourced from industry leading manufacturers and is a first-class addition to our portfolio of solutions.

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