Tech Bulletin: ANT-2WDSS

To Our Valued customers,

As some of you may have experienced or read on the FirsTechFeed Tech Support Community, there has been an issue identified relating to the ANT-2WDSST Antenna failing to communicate with select Remotes and Controllers. This issue has been confirmed by Firstech and the affected product shipments have been identified.


The primary issue which has been identified is a communication loss when multi-button commands are sent, or multiple commands are sent in rapid succession.  Communication issues may also occur in systems using Drone and 2-way RF where the 2-way remote is out of range and unable to receive confirmation updates.

Most issues have been encountered when this antenna is connected to a DC-3 Controller or with an FT-7200S-CONT integrated with Drone or Alarm.

Affected products:

The following products, manufactured on the dates listed, have been identified as being affected by this issue and problematic units will be recalled for updating:

Item Production date
RF-P2WG15-SS 8/28
RF-2WT12-SS 7/31

Products can be identified by a “circle A” mark on the product tag attached to the mounting surface of the Antenna (see below example).


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