Integrate Microsoft Outlook calendar into a Total Control or TC Flex project. Enable Kiosk mode to dedicate a URC client to a specific meeting room to display meeting details for that room.

Programming the module is simple. Step-by-step instructions are provided in the URC device Integration Guide. Select the RESOURCES tab above to download the integration guide.

The integration guide covers the set-up of the module in the URC programming software. It assumes that you have already completed training in the programming software and that the device is already set up and working with the native system.


  • View an Outlook schedule assigned to a meeting room
  • Start a meeting, check in attendees, & trigger the meeting room set up
  • Kiosk Mode sets the client to display the current scheduled event for the assigned room & locks the remote control from any changes

Supported URC Interfaces:
Conference Room TCM: TDC-7100, TDC-9100, TKP-5500, TKP-5600, TKP-7600, TKP-9600, URC Mobile
Kiosk Mode: TDC-7100, TDC-9100, TKP-5600, TKP-7600, TKP-9600

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