SnapAV debuted a new Episode CORE line of architectural speakers including the 1 Series, 3 Series and 5 Series. All series feature a tweeter bridge that acts as a handle during installation, bezel-less grilles and optional construction brackets redesigned to simplify installation. CORE speakers use the same grilles and preconstruction brackets as all of Episode’s architectural speakers.

The 3 Series and 5 Series feature premium materials and add outdoor, all-weather options as well as dual voice coil surround (DVCS) models and bi-pole functionality. Partners can rely on fewer SKUs that can be used in multiple situations.

The 1 Series consists of three models that are ideal for distributed audio and background music: a 6” in-ceiling, 6” in-wall and 8” in-ceiling speaker (all sold in pairs). The series features mylar dome tweeters paired with vacuum-formed polypropylene woofers.

The 3 Series extends audio to the outdoors through models that include stainless steel hardware, a rubber cover over the rear magnet and special coatings on magnets and grilles. The outdoor all-weather options include the 6” or 8″ in-ceiling speaker and the 6” or 8” in-ceiling dual voice coil models.

The 3 Series indoor products include the 6” or 8” in-ceiling models, the 6” in-wall surround and LCR models, the 6” in-ceiling point speaker model and the 6” or 8” dual voice coil models. The 3 Series features the same vacuum-formed polypropylene woofers as the 1 Series with an upgraded fabric dome tweeter.

The 5 Series has Teteron dome tweeters and a tweeter adjustment switch that offers 3dB of tuning. It includes nine models: the 6” or 8” in-ceiling models (with dual voice coil versions of each), the 6” in-ceiling point speaker, the 6” in-wall surround and LCR speakers and the all-weather 6” in-ceiling solution with an accompanying dual voice coil.

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